Who We Are

Who We Are

We Are You

We are your neighbors, we are the people across the street, we are the family right next door, we are your friends. We are a family-oriented, community church.  We are very proud of the close relationships among our members.  We are very blessed because in spite of our size, we pull together to accomplish great things within our church as well as in the community.

We Offer

Traditional liturgical services, Sunday school and Adult Bible Study.  Dress code is casual dress. Anyone who believes Jesus is truly present to forgive your sins, is welcome at the table of our Lord and may participate in Holy Communion.

Want To Get More Involved?

We have a fellowship hour between worship services on Sundays during the school year and in the summer. We have a Bible group, adult choir, youth group, committees, fund raisers, and the church council.  There are many ways to join the fellowship and become part of the family.

Good Shepherd

Is located just north of South Albany High School on Columbus Street.  We would love to have you visit us in person.  Please use the form to contact our pastor or secretary to set up a visit or come to one of our worship services.

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