April 1, 2020, From the Council

April 1, 2020, From the Council

Dear Good Shepherd Members and Friends,

The council feels it is important for our family to stay connected in these social distancing times. The church has been closed for almost 2 weeks now and only the Lord knows how long this issue will be around, but we know we will be away from the church at least until the end of April. The Council met again remotely, on 3/24 with Pastor Laura and continue to take measures to assure the safety and well-being of our church family and continue our outreach mission.

Church Finances – Obviously without the plate offerings and regular attendance our income is suffering. We need every member of our church to continue to support as they have pledged in order for us to stay in front of our bills. If you need help getting your offering to the church, please contact any council member for help.

Food Pantry – We only realized one visit during our reduced pantry days and hours. In keeping with the elevated mandates from our government leaders we feel that leaving the distribution to others is a prudent move for the short term. We will be donating some of our food pantry to Fish who is trained to work with the community with this level of restriction. We still plan to post an emergency contact number on our doors for access to our pantry or to Fish. If you, or anyone you know has the need for some groceries or wishes to contribute to the pantry please contact Karen Grenz. (541-905-3200)

Outreach to those in need – We will continue to make the entire council available for any reason there is a need. Pat McConnel will continue to be the point contact to field the call for help and determine from a list of council members how to best meet the need. Please do not hesitate to call. (541-619-5336 or 541-926-4930)

Property Sell – The property construction process continues. The infrastructure is being readied with some ground breaking. The contractor does not foresee any disruptions due to the state mandate.

The Church Council plans on meeting again on April 7 to assess how our situation continues to progress. It sounds like we will have an Easter event, even if it is not on the traditional day.

God’s Peace be with you,

GSLC Council

Al Wentland / Rob Hibbs / Karen Grenz / Anne Marie Wright/ Pat McConnel / Dick Johnson / Teresa Thomas / Linda Passmore / Mary Hibbs / Martin Black / Beth Ammon / Lee Swanson