Community Announcement

Community Announcement


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has suspended weekly Sunday Worship and the church office is operating on a very limited basis. Pastor Laura and the church council have determined that it would be prudent to temporarily suspend gatherings at the church, The public services such as the Food Pantry will continue but on restricted schedule and with terms. No-one will be entering the building, but the attending staff member will hand the foods to the recipient at or outside of the door. The hours of operation will be posted on the door and here on the site.

Other community services such as the Wednesday Community Dinners will be suspended until the virus threat has eased and we hope that time comes soon.

Stay tuned here on the website for further information which will be posted here and on our Facebook page. Updates will be posted as they occur.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we know the threat will continue but we aim to minimize exposure.

Some words from a local Medical Doctor:  “So the basic principles of hygiene are important. Good, frequent hand washing. Covering your coughs and sneezes (not with your hand). But then remember your sleeve is contaminated. Perhaps the most important to remember is cleaning inanimate objects with disinfectant wipes – such as door knobs, sinks, toilets, counters, etc. Avoiding crowds. With family gatherings etc, really try to keep the elderly, infirm, or infants more isolated. Especially those with underlying pulmonary disease. “